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Interior Design, Case Study 24/08/2018

The Benefits of Biophilic Design

Antipodea Brasserie in London Shows Off Biophilic Design

In the hustle and bustle of contemporary life, we can sometimes feel a little detached from the natural world, with harsh corporate interiors dominating commercial spaces, thus limiting the ability to achieve a homely and comfortable ambience. Biophilia can be defined as a love of nature, and interiors implementing this focus on people’s inherent attraction to nature and natural processes. This provides an opportunity to bring more light into a space, developing more open and green areas that encourage improved health and wellbeing in built environments.

Ibis Chairs seen in Antipodea Brasserie

Our Ibis chairs at Antipodea Brasserie.

Go Green

One of the best ways to achieve this look is by using natural, raw materials. The use of exposed brick, metal, raw woods and concrete can give a space a unique edge and somewhat artsy feel. Consumers often crave the unique and the use of raw materials can help capture the diversity of a space. This is demonstrated in Antipodea restaurant with the mixture of natural woods and materials being specifically chosen to capture that natural aesthetic.

Look Good, Do Good

Using raw, natural materials can not only be soothing and calming for customers, but it is also more sustainable than heavily processed materials, giving hospitality spaces the opportunity to place ethical considerations at the core of the space. This also demonstrates the quality of the wood, which is sourced from certified forests. So, when choosing your designs, opting for a biophilic style can really look good and do good!

Calming Colour Palette

Colour is important when creating a space that mirrors the aesthetics of the outdoors. Anything that appears man-made or inauthentic can quickly diminish the soothing effect of natural surroundings, making the space feel commercialised and false. Opt for colours that mimic natural earthy colours, whether it is muted blues and greens to encourage relaxation or earthy orangey tones to capture the vibrancy of plants, flowers and deserts.

To start planning your next hospitality space, get in touch with us. Whether you are looking for a complete refurbishment, starting a new business or simply wanting to replace old furniture, we can work closely with you to achieve the designs you want.